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Mentorship/ Capacity Building

The RDO staff members are routinely invited as resource people for conducting and/or participating in capacity building programs related to funding/grant writing/science careers both within and outside the BLiSC campus.


The RDO also mentors research managers in institutions outside the BLiSC campus (including RMs from institutions such as IIT Gandhinagar; CDFD, Hyderabad; NIBMG, West Bengal; CDRI, Lucknow; Sangath, Goa etc.) regarding services offered by research management offices or for specific discussions related to research funding and management.


The RDO has also hosted interns facilitating capacity building in the field of Research management.

Workshop/ Conferences

The RDO staff routinely upskill themselves by attending, participating, organizing conference/workshops in the field of research management in India and abroad. Some illustrative examples include India Alliance IRMI- Annual conference and webinar series, International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) conference, South African Research & Innovation Management Association (SARIMA) Conference etc.


Engagement with Research Management (RM) Community

Staff at the RDO routinely engage with the RM community within and outside India and have contributed extensively towards advancement of the field of Research management in India.


For instance, the RDO hosted the first series of India Alliance-India Research Management Initiative (IRMI) Sharing sessions during the pilot phase of IRMI (in 2018) to provide an opportunity for research managers from research organizations in the South India Sector to come together and create a network of people working in the field of Research management and administration. This seeded discussion on research management practices, problems and solution and long-term sustainability in India.


Dr. Vineetha Raghavan, was part of the first delegation of Research managers from India who attended the International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) 2018 held at Edinburgh, Scotland in June 2018. This was the first opportunity for research managers from diverse Indian research institutions to come together as a country-wide team and to connect with and learn from research managers from across the world.




India Alliance IRMI- Research Management Fellowship was awarded to the RDO in Oct, 2020 to scale up the efforts to establish, manage and drive global research engagements for campus researchers and partners.

Staff at the RDO have been recipient of several travel awards from India Alliance IRMI, SARIMA etc.

Dr. Malini S Pillai and Dr. Vineetha Raghavan have co-authored and published an invited article for NCURA magazine, run by National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA), one of the oldest research management associations in the world (based in USA), supporting and promoting research management across the globe. Article can be accessed by clicking here.


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