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Research at the Bangalore Life Science Cluster, which includes NCBS, inStem, CCAMP and TIGS, spans a diverse range of questions and approaches in the broad area of life sciences. The Research Development Office (RDO) was created to facilitate research and training at the Cluster, via enabling research funding. The office now offers a concerted mechanism for managing these activities across the members institutes of the Bangalore Life Science Cluster. Work at the RDO is made possible by a well-knit group of dynamic and professional individuals, entrepreneurial in spirit and firmly committed to offering several key services to the campus at the boundaries of science, management and outreach. With a vibrant team, emerging opportunities on the campus and new connections on the outside, we look forward to a rewarding journey further ahead.


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Vineetha Raghavan, PhD

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Head, RDO- Grants and Research Collaboration


Dr. Vineetha Raghavan heads the Grants Management and Research Collaborations team of the Research Development Office. Her responsibilities include strategic grants advise, bid development, management of portfolio of Private/Philanthropic grants and charitable donations to the Cluster, operations management, strategy formulation, facilitating global engagement, management of GoI clearances for international funding or collaboration, managing grant contracts and collaborative research agreements and developing institutional policies impacting research funding and services of the Team RDO. She is also actively involved in outreach to different funding agencies and in organizing and participation in grant writing/ funding/science career workshops.


Malini S Pillai, PhD

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Grants Adviser


Dr. Malini S Pillai, Grants Adviser at the RDO is responsible for providing comprehensive “Pre-Award” support to campus researchers. This includes curating and disseminating grant information, developing grant bids of varying complexities, coordinating and facilitating submission of grants to national and international sources in compliance with the institutional and agency requirements, data analysis and information management, outreach to funding agencies and organizing Funding/Grantsmanship workshops. She is also involved in scoping and providing intelligence on international funding opportunities and other related activities facilitating research collaborations. She is also responsible for managing a portfolio of Private/Philanthropic grants and charitable donations to the Cluster.

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MC Aruna

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Grants Administrator


Ms. Aruna MC is the Grants Administrator at the RDO.  She is responsible for Post-Award management of grants from the campus, funded by national and international sources. This includes Grant activation, Grant reporting, Grant extension, Grant closure,  Grant transfer. She ensures that the post-award management of the campus grants are done in compliance with the institutional and agencies requirements by working with both internal and external stakeholders, as required, for submission of relevant documents to the funding agencies, within the stipulated deadline. She is also involved in data analysis and information management as well as outreach to funding agencies.



Dr. Savita Ayyar, Former Head, RDO


Ms. Swathi BS, Dr. Vijaylakshmi Babu, Ms. Baishali Goswami, Dr. Siji Anil, Dr. Anusha Krishnan, Ms. Archana Shetty, Mr. Hardik Panchal, Dr. Priyankana Mukherjee, Dr. Pankaj Gupta, Dr. Athulya Aravind, Dr. Dhruba Sharma, Dr. Jinu Mathew Valayil, Dr. Roshan Kumar, Dr. Arkamitra Vishnu



Interns - Dr. Saumya Prasad, Dr. Jyotsna Begani


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About the Logo

The logo is an abstract representation of the role of RDO as a central liaison for nurturing critical partnerships across various stakeholders. The dots are a representation of different sources of funding, internal and external stakeholders, funding agencies as well as collaborators. The projections represent the different ways by which the RDO encompasses and interacts across all the "dots" to facilitate research funding and collaboration.


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