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There are several open-access funding compilations available for research funding in STEM field in Indian context:


ISTI Portal, an initiative of Department of Science and Technology (managed by Vigyan Prasar), is a central repository of information related to all developments in  Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in Indian research ecosystem. The Portal provides information regarding various funding schemes and programs offered by Govt. of India, supporting research and innovations in STEM.


The Research Development Office (RDO) has collaborated with Scientify Research to curate a list of International funding schemes for researchers in India. Detailed list of funding opportunities for researchers in all career stages from various international agencies can be accessed here.


Updated information regarding new call for proposals for Life science researchers in India are available on the "Grants" section of IndiaBioscience website.


In collaboration with the Research Development Office (RDO) at BLiSC, IndiaBioscience has curated two booklets for early career and independent researchers with details of various funding opportunities available for researchers in India to pursue research and allied activities in different areas of life sciences. The funding booklets can be accessed using the links provided below:

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